Considering a career in education as a Steiner Teacher? A free live streaming talk by Terri McMillan on her 36 years experience as a Steiner Teacher to inspire you!


Considering becoming a Steiner Teacher? Live streaming talk on ZOOM by Terri McMillan, a highly experienced Steiner Teacher who will share her insights with you after a career of 36 years in the classroom.

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The current challenges we have encountered in 2020 bring questions for many of us about how we wish to go forward in 2021.

Young people are contemplating further education, and are considering how to find a meaningful path in life that offers an opportunity to really contribute to their community and the wider world.

Becoming a teacher to educate the next generation of children is one such path! Here at the Steiner Seminar we offer courses to qualify prospective and practicing teachers to find an inspiring and nourishing career in Steiner education.

What does it mean to be a Steiner teacher? How is it different to working in the mainstream educational setting? Why would you contemplate becoming a Steiner teacher? To answer these questions we are very excited to be joined by Terri McMillan who will share with us her insights as a teacher in a Steiner School of some 36 years experience.

Terri will offer us a picture of her life working in both primary and high school classes, to offer you a picture of this independent educational setting from a teaching perspective.

Terri is the Lead Writer of the Geography Curriculum of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework; has participated in conferences and teacher education professional development in many forums around Australia and is currently a tutor in the Steiner Seminar’s part-time Primary Education course.

This talk is free, live streaming on Zoom on Saturday 7th November at 10.00: to register click here.