Creative writing: Life Lab- capacities for 21st century living.

A  seven session series exploring the capacities we need in contemporary times. Many of us are now experiencing greater freedom from traditions, habits and many of the conventions which held us in the past. With this freedom comes responsibility as we can no longer hide from the implications of our actions as individuals, organisations, and world citizens.

We face broader and deeper challenges which call on soul faculties we all possess but may not have practiced or experienced. We chose to be here at this time, so we must be ready even if we don’t quite feel like it!

To flourish, we need capacities that allow us to move between assertiveness and receptivity, to balance masculine and feminine whatever our gender, and to overcome divisiveness so we can move towards healing or wholeness for ourselves, our organisations and the world.

In this workshop, we will explore a different contemporary capacity each week using writing, story, gesture, listening and conversation. The order will develop according to my sense of group needs. Over the seven sessions, we will cover curiosity, wonder, discernment, compassion, radical receptivity, courage, and confidence.

Like all the offerings in Transformative Writing, this workshop will be based on experience, shared wisdom and a range of imaginative tools including writing, story, poetic form and gesture. As it is highly experiential, it will not be recorded and is only offered live so you need to be sure you can come at the time that it’s offered.

This course is suitable for people seeking vocational and personal development and for those wishing to practice writing and imaginative tools to gain deeper insight into their own lives and their place in the world.

Our part-time courses are non-accredited and do not lead to a qualification within the Australian Qualifications Framework but rather offer  a Certificate of Professional Development upon completion.

Tanya COburn photo

Tutor: Tanya Coburn

Tanya is an educator, writer and researcher. Her original undergraduate degree was in speech therapy, and she went on to study Italian and linguistics, Steiner Education, conflict resolution, storytelling and presencing (Theory U). She has worked in diverse settings including corporate, not-for-profit, primary and higher education with a focus on written and spoken communication. She has taught at La Trobe, RMIT and Victoria universities, at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College and In the Belly of the Whale School in New Zealand, as well as presenting at local and international conferences. She has a PhD on the theme of listening in conflict.

Tanya explores the healing power of experiential education informed by imaginal consciousness through metaphor, story, poetic imagination and group conversation. She developed ‘transformative writing’ as a means to encourage our development as individuals in our personal lives, our relationships and our work in the world.

Practical information

This course takes place online every Monday evening from 7.00pm-9.00 pm.

Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the student portal to view, for the duration of the term.

You will need a computer (not a mobile phone) with sufficient internet bandwith and a camera to join in on Zoom.

Cost: $445

Enrolment enquiries: Robin in the Seminar Office on 03 9876 5199.

Term dates

Monday 14th February -Monday 28th March 2022.

Note this schedule includes the Monday of the Labor Day long weekend.

How to apply

Applying online is very quick and easy! Click the button below to go to our rapid registration form, to confirm your place in this course.