Part time study program 2021: online and face to face

In 2021 the Seminar will offer an inspiring and nourishing part-time program of study  as follows:

  1. Primary Rudolf Steiner Education: The Class Teacher 1-8 (2 years, online).
  2. Early Childhood Rudolf Steiner Education; for people working with young children in the vital years.  (1 year, online).
  3. Steiner High School Teacher Professional Development ( 2 terms, online).
  4. Arts for meaning and connection: exploring the arts through anthroposophy (face to face, one year on campus.)

Gaining recognition of completed Professional Development hours through these courses.

Our part-time courses come with a certificate of Professional Development Hours, subject to meeting the course requirements:

  1. Each evening will be live streamed. We hope this will be an enlivened experience for you. We require your attendance in real time at 80% of sessions in order to gain the acknowledgement of PD hours completed AND
  2. A feedback evaluation at the end of each term which will be based on some general questions about what you have gained from the sessions completed to date. This is a required step as part of meeting PD standards in Australia.

Recorded sessions

Sessions will be recorded and stored for up to 2 weeks in case you miss a session. If you are not able to participate in the live streamed sessions, you can watch these on catch up, however we will not be able to provide a Certificate of PD completed if you are viewing recordings only.

Note:  the ‘Arts for meaning and connection’ is an on campus face to face course only and there is no online option for this, and there will be no recordings. This is a social and artistic experience in community together on site!

International students and local students

This course is open to local and international students. You will need sufficient proficiency in English to be able to participate. We do not require a IELTS test however as advice to you if English is not your first language, you would need to be able to participate at IELTS level 6. The fees are the same for local AND international students.

Please see further detail for each of our courses.

Please take the hyperlinks to each of these pages for information including course overviews, timetables, fees and registration details.



Original art work by Maria Garrido.