Certificate in Rudolf Steiner High School Education

Awakening young people to their destiny.
A one year part-time course

Rudolf Steiner High School Education

This course is aimed at existing teachers or teachers in training who wish to deepen their understanding of Steiner education in the secondary years. From the nature of the developing adolescent to the needs of the inner work of the teacher, the course investigates and discusses a variety of aspects pertinent to secondary education.

The focus is on deepening our understanding of how the education meets and supports the emerging individuality of a teenager. This work centres around a vision of the person as an unfolding spiritual being. High school finds its meaning in helping students to create their own path into the great disciplines of humanity: philosophy, science, geography, history, language, literature, mathematics, music, physical culture and art. Students’ interest in these areas of human striving is awakened through the enthusiasm and expertise of the High School Teacher.

Young people are the bearers of unique impulses which must flourish for the benefit of the world. Part of our task is to provide the means through which they can develop their skill and knowledge with veneration in both the arts and sciences. With this experience they are able to partake, contribute and truly live within our rich culture in this current epoch of world evolution.

Through lectures, discussions, demonstrations and activities, the richness of a Steiner High School will be investigated and characterised.

Course overview

The four terms each have a separate focus, though their content have some overlap.

Term one develops pedagogical insights appropriate to adolescence. Topics include: the threefold social order and education; the College of Teachers; Observation and Child Studies; Curricula Overview. Text: various (supplied).

Term two focuses on one of the key series of educational lectures given by Rudolf Steiner on the nature of the Human Being. We begin with an introduction to Steiner Education emphasising Rudolf Steiner’s description of the psychology and spirituality of the human being. Text: Rudolf Steiner’s Study of Man (Foundations of Human Experience.)

Term three looks at specific subject areas. We consider how we the curriculum and teaching practice is matched with the unfolding inner life and developing maturity of the students, in relation to the individual subjects. The requirements of the particular subjects will be addressed in this term. Text: Stockmeyer’s Rudolf Steiner’s Curriculum for Waldorf Schools (highly recommended).

Term four focuses on the personal and ongoing Spiritual Development of the Teacher. The teacher requires constant nourishment for personal development and a rich life of inspiration. Sources which will nourish our vitality are considered in this term.

Texts (both required): Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Philosophy of Freedom, both by Rudolf Steiner

Information for participants.

Each session comprises a lecture and discussion, and participation in an artistic or movement activity, which may include singing, Eurythmy, speech, painting or sculpture.

When: every Wednesday evening from .

7.00 p.m.-10.00 p.m. during school term.

Where: The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood, 3134.

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Further information: tel. +61 3 9876 5199 or office@steinerseminar.com.

*Note: The Certificate in Rudolf Steiner High School Education is not an accredited course, and is not eligible for VET Fee Help