2024 Early Childhood Autumn Intensive

(0-4 years old)

Three-day in-person block intensive - 15-17 March 2024

Welcome in the Autumn term with one of two invigorating Early Childhood block intensives for learning, fellowship and fun.  This in-person block intensive can be taken to complement our part-time online Early Childhood course or can be taken without any prior experience.

It is designed for those caring for 0-4 year old children and is suitable for parents, grandparents, nannies, babysitters, playgroup leaders, family daycare workers, and anyone who would like to set up wholesome environments and daily rhythms and activities for the young child.

All sessions are based upon the indications of Rudolf Steiner with the aim to support you to establish strong foundations for the life of young children.  It offers you: 

  • an understanding of anthroposophy (from the Greek anthropos means ‘human’ and sophia meaning ‘wisdom’) with respect to early childhood and child development
  • insights to support, develop, nourish and nurture the very young children – from the development of the senses to warmth, nutrition, sleep, healthy play, sotry-telling, rhythm and movement.
  • practical activities that you can immediately apply in your own setting, 
  • skills that you build upon
  • resources to learn from, and 
  • a colleagial environment in which you can share your experiences and questions. 


You will also visit a beautiful playgroup and relax to a dinner and folkdancing on Saturday evening.

This course will give you a certificate of professional development hours referencing the Australian Teacher Professional Standards.

We also offer an Early Childhood Intensive focusing on the needs of the 3-6 year old child.  Visit by clicking the below button for more information.


Paulene Hanna

Paulene Hanna has enjoyed a long career in primary, tertiary and early childhood Steiner education, a special part of which was spent as a teacher helping parents found the St Kilda Steiner Kindergarten in their neighbourhood.

She is happy to share the knowledge and understanding gained over so many years of working with children and families. She believes that her work is enriched  by ongoing study of Steiner’s philosophy of human development. This philosophy highlights the importance of the early childhood years as well as the importance of the caregivers’ role.

Paulene is a the mother of three grown children who attended the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, who have given her and her husband the ongoing joy of being grandparents to eight grandchildren.

Paulene mentors and supports educators, and offers ongoing advocacy for children and their families in the wider community. She acknowledges the challenge that parents and carers face in creating a healthy, happy play space in a very materialistic world, where the role of parenting is often not given much support.

Kim Roche

Kim started her teaching journey 30 years ago in primary education and over the years she has focussed her work and studies in Steiner early childhood. She has qualifications and experience in both teaching and counselling and these combined skills have been important foundations for working with parents and young children in the Steiner playgroup setting. She has a love of songs,

rhymes and storytelling for the young child which she passionately shares with her Melbourne Steiner playgroup families and other playgroup leaders. She has three children that are attending or have graduated from the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner
School and they were all raised on songs, stories and lots of outdoor play.

Jessica Moraes

Jessica commenced her nursing career at the Royal
Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Working predominantly within the Emergency
Department, specializing in paediatrics and then going on to complete midwifery

Jessica had the opportunity to volunteer at the
Anthroposophical, Monte Azul medical clinic and Casa Angela (Birth Center) in
São Paulo, Brazil. She undertook a placement on the paediatric ward at the
Filderklinik, Germany where she gained insight into anthroposophical remedies
specific to paediatrics.

Her passion for working with and supporting
mothers, infants and young children as a midwife and paediatric nurse led to
Jessica becoming a Maternal and Child Health Nurse in 2019.

Sharmian Deenen Villiger

Sharmian is a master doll maker and all-round gifted artist of many crafts. While her three children attended the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School she used her talents to enhance any task she was asked to undertake. Her experience covers playgroup leadership and educational support in the kindergarten as well as extensive work with parents.

Tania Hungerford

Tania Hungerford has been a teacher in Adult Education working with Anthroposophy for 25 years.  A particular area of interest for her is understanding human development and how this understnding can be brought to teaching.

She has been a teacher in Adult Education working with Anthroposophy for 25 years.  She also teaches  Sculpture, Form Drawing, the Twelve Senses, Human Development, the Four Temperaments, Professional Communication and Conflict Resolution, understanding and working with Trauma and developing inclusive teaching practices for working with Children with Individual Learning Needs. 

Tania has offered many Professional Development programs to Waldorf Teachers in schools around Australia and in Asia.

Susan Gould

Susan trained as an early childhood educator before attending Aurora Australis Eurythmy School to complete her Diploma of Eurythmy (1999). She then went on to study Curative Eurythmy in England (2001-2003). Since then she has worked in the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School and the Melbourne Therapy Centre taking children and adults for eurythmy therapy. She continues to work with individuals and groups and is passionate about supporting people on their journey to maintain health.


NOTE: This is an in-person event and no recordings will be made.



Refund Policy

Please notify us by email to c.kwong@steinerseminar.edu.au if you will be withdrawing from the intensive. 

  • If you withdraw on or before 8 March we will refund any fees paid less a $175 administration fee. 
  • If you withdraw after 8 March and before the intensive starts, we will refund any fees paid less a $245 fee for admin and food/materials costs.
  • No refunds will be considered once the intensive begins.

There are a number of options for accommodation:


We may be able to organise billeting for a few students depending on availability of rooms in nearby homes.

Camping or Seminar classroom

The Seminar can offer basic accommodation of a tent space or classroom (to be shared), shared kitchen, bathrooms, and shower.  You will need to bring your own bedding, towels, toiletries.

Please let us know if you would like to stay on the Seminar grounds.

Morning and afternoon tea and Saturday dinner will be provided.


There is a very good café a 10 minute walk from the Seminar for breakfast, or lunch.  Lunchtime food order can be phone through at morning tea time and collected during the lunch break.

Grocery stores

There are two small shopping strips for groceries and cafes within a 5 minute drive of the Seminar at McAdam Square and North Ringwood. You are welcome to use the Seminar’s kitchen for meal preparation.

There is a SkyBus service from Tullamarine Airport to the city.  For more information see https://www.skybus.com.au/southern-cross-station/

Two train lines connect Southern Cross station with Ringwood, our closest train station.  They are the Lilydale line and Belgrave line.  From the Ringwood station, take the 364 bus to the front of the Seminar at 37A Wellington Park Drive.

For more information about public transportation in Victoria see https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/journey

Clothing and toiletries

Because there will be lots of movement during the intensive, please pack comfortable, loose clothing and shoes that are easy to move in.  Melbourne in mid-March is warm in the day and cool at nights, so please bring layers for the evening. Include a raincoat and Eurythmy slippers if you have them.

Study material 
  • Notepads or main lesson books, pencil or pen
  • Folder for holding handouts

If you are staying on the premises you will need to bring:

  • Camping mattress
  • Sheets, pillow
  • Blankets, doona
  • Towel

Enrolment enquiries: Carmen 03 9876 5199 or email c.kwong@steinerseminar.edu.au

Note that this is an in-person event and no recordings will be made.

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