Our Courses

We have a rich array of courses on offer spanning education, arts and personal development. 

These fall into the following streams and you can read more about these by visiting the relevant pages:

  • on campus full-time Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education (course code 10825NAT, CRICOS 107755A, RTO3948);
  • on campus short/part-time courses in arts and education.
  • online part-time professional development in education, arts and personal development.
  • customised professional development for schools by request.

The Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education (10825NAT, CRICOS Course 107755A) is a full-time accredited course of study which equips students with a comprehensive grounding in anthroposophy, and in the theory and practice of Steiner Education.  This course has a pathway to a Bachelor of Education.

Part-time courses: online evening or on campus.

All part-time courses are for professional or personal development.  Already accredited teachers can take our part-time courses to enable them to teach in Steiner schools.

The part-time courses are non-accredited (which means they do not lead to a qualification).  A Certificate of Professional Development is provided upon completion of part-time courses.

Professional Development Courses for Teachers

The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar offers customised  Professional Development for practicing teachers by arrangement. Attendance at these sessions is acknowledged with a Certificate of Professional Development with the relevant Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) learning activity details. Please contact us to discuss your school staff PD needs 03 9876 5199.