International student testimonials

Nina (Brazil):

“I decided to do my Steiner teacher training here in Australia for in this wonderful country this stream is very strong and I can gain experience before coming back to my birthplace, Brazil.

“I am doing the first of two years at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar, located in an astonishing place surrounded by nature. I love everything that am experiencing here. Getting to know better Steiner’s ideas is an awesome gift. The course is very well structured, offering an essential balance between theoretical and creative lessons. The teachers are amazing human beings: each one of them is lovely and brings us their own huge personal and professional experience. The office staff are very friendly and helpful as well. And I am very glad to meet not only Australians, who are pretty lovely, but also people from all over the world, since I have classmates from Korea, China, South Africa, Indonesia and England.

I feel really blessed for having this opportunity and I am thankful for everything I am coming across!”

Toshi (Japan):

“I heard about this course when I was living in Japan. It was a big decision to make to come to Australia and do the course but it was worth doing. Teaching staff were amazing and all the teachers were very kind to us, especially to the international students. I got a lot of support from the people around me.

“I made a lot of friends from all over the world. It is my treasure of my life.  My two years in the course was like a dream. I learned a lot and my way of how to see the world changed slowly. I was glad that I did this course. This course changed the whole of my life.

“Now I have a job in Australia and am working at a Steiner kindergarten. Be brave and get on this boat. You will see the different world. You can change yourself!!”

From Hang (Vietnam):

“I learnt a lot about Steiner education that I would not have learned in Vietnam. I have learned a lot by being able to discuss Steiner education with all the lecturers.

“Being able to discuss education issues with all the other students has been very helpful. Doing the practical rounds in the school have been of great value.

“The meeting of the foreign students each day is very helpful. All my questions can be answered

“The Michael Central is a wonderful venue: the rooms are very beautiful and inspire me

“I learned a lot from the great variety of subjects.  I would learn a lot more if my English was better!”

Tashi (Bhutan):

“To start with, I really regret my Steiner course has finished!! I enjoyed it so much that I wish I could continue. From the very first day I knew it was exactly what I was looking for: engaging and fun teachers, challenging but not overcomplicated material and great classmates.”

“In our daily classes we not only improve our English but also have fun spending great time with people from all around the world.

“During my time here, I’ve enjoyed an amazing multicultural atmosphere made up of incredible, dynamic, kind and qualified staff, as well as a comfortable environment which encourages you to achieve your goals.”

Herman (South Africa):

“I have been reading Steiner’s work for some time and was looking forward to experiencing the practical side of Steiner’s teachings. The Steiner Seminar picked me up at the airport and I slept the first night at a private home. The next day the school had a living space for me. Though it can be difficult finding a place to stay the Seminar really looked after me. I would recommend that future students get a driver’s licence before coming to Australia. Distances are large and cars are very cheap and easy to get. Public transport is also a very easy option and very reliable.

“I do highly recommend that you read some of Steiner’s basic books before starting the course. The sheer volume of information can be a bit overwhelming. For me especially the practical artistic classes are very rewarding and it feels like I am back in primary school again.

“At this moment there is lots of part-time work available, even if you don’t have any qualification. Though it is hard work to study and support yourself most international students are doing it. Melbourne is also the cultural city of Australia, so if that is something that you like then why not!?   One last thing… remember to bring a jacket for the winter.”