Course Fees

Fee schedule for the Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education

Fee Schedule 2024-2025

The tuition fee for the two-year course is $23,320.

The following is the out-of-pocket costs for 2024 enrolments to give some budgetting guidance:

      Tuition fee                           $23,320

      Less VSL contribution      $18,097

      Out-of-pocket expense   $   5,223 

Read about VET Student Loans and how they work at our VET Student Loans page.

How to pay

  • Domestic student fees are due at the beginning of each term.  Invoices are issued approximately 14 days prior to term commencement and are payable within 21 days.
  • Fees may be paid in cash or electronic transfer (direct deposit).
  • Fees and charges are subject to amendment by the Directors.
  • For information on applicable refund policies see the Tuition Fee Policy .
  • Total tuition fee for the two-year course is $24,200.00
  • A non-refundable enrolment charge AUD$ 400 is payable when you submit your online application.
  • An initial payment of AU $ 6,050.00 is due upon receipt of your student visa (on-campus students), or upon receipt of your Confirmation of Enrolment and before the beginning of the course. 
  • The balance of fees is payable over the first 6 terms of the course. 
  • The 2024 Advanced Diploma commences 13 February 2024 (on-campus) or 19 February (online), and is structured over 2 years with 4 terms per year.
  • Cost per term is $ 3,025.00 with term fees being due by the final week of each term, ie end of March, mid June, mid August,  and mid November in Year 1; mid March and mid June in Year 2.

 Austudy and Abstudy are available for eligible students enrolled in the full-time course.

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