Projective Geometry – the World of Life and the World of Soul

Projective Geometry - the World of Life and the World of Soul

Projective geometry began as an exact science, yet its own development has turned even science inside out.

Rudolf Steiner saw in this meeting of opposites a new beginning and called it the polarity of space versus counterspace. It is the interplay of etheric and physical, and the forms of the plant-world tell of this mystery.

This polar (threefold) relation lives also in the soul’s thinking, feeling and willing. What does Rudolf Steiner mean by ‘pure thinking’ ?  Projective geometry leads us to experiences of that. The new soul condition indicated in Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom is that of the thinking will – yet this is no mere admixture of the two.

There is no need to read Philosophy of Freedom before the course, but participants will need to read at least the short 8th and final chapter – entitled “Practical Conclusion – of the Earlier Work Truth and Science” (GA 3). Super-condensed and real work for the mind, this elicits an experience, alive in thought, of what human freedom means.

An art and a science, projective geometry turns inside-out our way of seeing.  A shift from the spatial to the counterspatial, Rudolf Steiner described this as a path leading from the physical into the etheric.


On another level, this pair of opposites (and its third mediating element) is the activity of human soul : thinking, feeling and willing.  Projective geometry leads us to the pure thinking (beyond mental pictures) that Rudolf Steiner refers to in his book ‘The Philosophy of Freedom’.


For this 7-session course the reading of that book is too large a task.  I would, however, ask that participants read one short chapter from his earlier work ‘Truth and Science’ (GA 3) .. the short and condensed 8th and final chapter – titled ‘Practical Conclusion’ available at <>


In each session I shall bring a practical activity that all are invited to do – usually a drawing but sometimes a simple movement activity. After this we can share our observations and comments – on the finished drawing, also its process and whatever seems to be living there.


A pencil .. a see-through ruler .. A4 paper .. and tracing paper are needed. For some drawings A3 (or 2 sheets of A4 joined) is better.



No previous mathematics or geometry experience is needed.

This part-time online course offers  a Certificate of Professional Development upon completion.   It is non-accredited and does not lead to a qualification within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Course Tutor

Gordon Woolard is an experienced Steiner teacher and educator from kindergarten to class 12. His trainings include university Physics, the Foundation and Education years at Emerson College, the Wynstones Science Teachers’ course, the Michael Hall Kindergarten training, Joinery and Cabinet Making, a post grad teaching diploma for SpLD (Dyslexia) and Audrey McAllen’s Extra Lesson training. Gordon Woolard, Dip SpLD AMBDA PATOSSMathematical Association

He is also an independent specialist teacher and trainer.

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Duration: Term 2.   Mondays 1 May to 12 June.

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